New Blog Name: Sheep ‘N Wimps?

wimp2I was so tired on the drive home yesterday that I pulled over and slept an hour in the car until woken by seeping outer cold.  Once home I walked Mak, then it was time to rev up for a Meetup gathering I’d committed to. It was the last thing I wanted. Generally, I never attend weeknight Meetups. After a long work day and commute the last thing I want  to do is leave the dog again to re-energize for a social engagement.

I was on the couch with Coke and added lime juice, hoping the meager caffeine would be miraculous for my energy level… all the while whining to Lori about these damned weeknight Meetups.

As an aside, I’d been reading extensively on the English/Scottish border wars that spanned c. 1300-1600.  Then I realized I, the self-styled “tough guy,” was laying on a couch whining about low energy.  I asked Lori, “What’s wrong with me?” And referring to routine life in reiver times, reminded myself, “I could have just watched my farm burn to the ground, children and wife hung from the nearest trees, livestock and horses stolen. Three days travel without food, dragged captive across the border to be ransomed to clan. Later escaping captors in the dark, freezing sleet rusting my chain mail, I’d have to fight my way back, for days, to less lethal ground.

Instead, I was nearly in a swoon, wrist draped across forehead, warm, well-fed, Coke glass in hand, “I’m SO tired.  I don’ wanna go out.

You’re right, Lori said, “You should change your blog name to ‘Sheep ‘N Wimps.’



4 thoughts on “New Blog Name: Sheep ‘N Wimps?

  1. So true!! Each generation is a little bit wimpier than the last.

    Think about it: A group of cavemen are squatting around the fire, cooking the Mastodon they just spent the last few days tracking, and then killing (with spears). As the meat sizzles on the spit, one old guy, tougher than shoe leather, spits in disgust.

    “What’s with all this cooking bullshit?? In my day, we ate our meat raw! You youngsters are a bunch of wimps!!”

    I know my father fought in WWII. Then came home and married my mom. He was a big John Wayne kind of guy. Went to night school to get an engineering degree; after working all day as a fry cook; supporting a new wife and child (my oldest brother). Me? If I have to go to the store and the bank on the same day, I need a nap! 😉

    1. Yup, you sound like me. Try the Coke with lime… and bitchin’ on the phone to your sister – works for me!

      I heard a good one today: “Do I look like a pussy to you? Of course I want cigarettes on my sandwich!”

  2. LOL….I am looking forward to posts under this new theme…..Like maybe you burst into tears when another driver beeps at you or you leave the supermarket with no food because a little old lady got the last box of Twinkies and wouldn’t share with you….:-)

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