Best Food Evah!

Over the years, the Super Bowl has become an informal American holiday. Earlier in life, being raised in a European home, no one in my family watched. But increasingly, since having worked with football teams from ’89-’91, I’ve taken an interest.  In more recent years I tried to watch as much football as a guy without a TV can… which meant I had to be invited somewhere or go to sports bar (not going to happen!).  In 2012 I was invited to Rob & Peg’s and that was great fun. But we aren’t close and it was a one time deal, [my b.o.? 🙂 ]. This year though I discovered games broadcast by CBS Sports can be watched live stream. That was really fun. As with the series Vikings, Mak was a big fan because he could cuddle between my legs as we watched.

For this year’s Super Bowl, as in most recent years, I’m going to Rick’s, my only close friend who lives pretty local. Should be fun.

Meantime, by far, the most elaborate food spread for a Super Bowl I’ve ever enjoyed was concocted by a girlfriend in 2006. She was Italian so food at her place was always premium. As you look at these photos, keep in mind that all of this food was for her, myself and her little son who was a toddler. When I arrived at her place, I was stunned by her level of effort. She prepared this all herself. As these photos testify, she was a very giving, loving person!

The dish with a layer of shredded lettuce was a three layer dip.




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