The Big Decision

I’ve been going to the ocean since I was a tot.  But there were huge chunks of years that I didn’t go… until 1998.  Actually, I went with a girlfriend in 1997 but we had a semi-lousy time because we didn’t bring our 3 dogs.  It wasn’t until a solo trip in 1998 in which Jonesy and I had such a profoundly wonderful time, I decided I’d be going to the ocean annually for the rest of my life.

It wasn’t until January of 2001 that I began using a digital camera.  In “old” days I carried a Yashica FX3.  It was damn expensive to take photos, and as I leafed through the teensy clutch of them from that trip, I’m amazed at how many were poorly focused. Roger and I sometimes gripe about the foolishness of tech gadgetry but digital cameras?  A++!

On that fateful and decision provoking sojourn at the continent’s edge, Jonesy, only 6 years old then, cooled his parts in frigid ocean water.  Gods, I miss you ol’ boy! We had a time though, didn’t we?!

IMG_9811And here, just before driving back inland, I called Jonesy to me for one final photograph. This trip, and the subsequent stop at my folks on the way home (which became a post-ocean tradition), are deeply cherished memories.IMG_9814

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