500 Watts, Barbell Iron & The UK

Ironic but purely coincidental to my previous post on silence, after five years being back in this house, I finally connected part of the sound system for the gym. Before moving to the new house, I’d had five pairs of unmatched speakers in all corners of the basement ceiling.  They ranged from huge old Kenwood speakers to small powerful Optimus.  To give all that some punch I added two 250 Watt Sony sub-woofers.  Each of the two cabinets had two 10″ cones for a total of 500 Watts coming from four cones.

My ex and I took them all down to install them in the new house gym.  When that fell through, well, being as utterly fucked up as I was as a result, I lacked the drive to rerun wires to 10 speakers throughout the ceiling joists.  ‘Sides everyone was talking about new sound systems. Speakers are tiny now and supposedly throw so much sound.  Don’t believe ’em.  I talked to a sound guy who assured me Audio Engine A5’s would keep up with the sub-woofers. They’re… meh, alright, I guess. When I want to shatter my neighbor’s windows though they dance around like they’re having grand mal seizures.  Okay, I’ll say it, they struggle to keep up. Who knows how long they’ll last. But at least the mid-range cones are kevlar.

I guess I didn’t communicate clearly.  Mia culpa.  I’m not sitting around smoking a pipe listening to James Taylor. Not your average homeowner. I should have told the sound guy I’m looking for rock concert/night club level audio punch. The kind you feel walloping your inner organs, the kind that makes deaf people complain of discomfort, the kind that feel like Joe Frazier is slamming you with a few body shots.  I’m looking for music that lifts along with me!  What I’ve got doesn’t match up to the old rag-tag system… and I spent $ damnit.  (Sigh!)

Still, it was nice to get away from the shit-bag “boom box.”  And the big question… what was the first thing I played?  Well, you’ve heard it before but I’ll post it again in case you’ve just hooked up your own 500 watt system and want to hear what I heard.  Nothing like sharing.  🙂 I never tire of this instrumental piece:

It was my first training session since 12/31/15.  (And that was but a single training session for ha-ha’s.)  Real training ceased 12/24/15.  I was very eager to get back but had to work through that stupid virus, remember?  Today was squats and back assistance work.  Black Tartan Clan kept pace.

Still fat but somewhat tightened up from the horrible shape I fell into while caring for my folks. I was gleeful to be returning to someone I recognized in the mirror. Now after about five weeks R&R, it won’t take long to exceed the low bar of this photo of 12/12/15.

Next on deck was Booze & Glory to finish with a bit of trap and forearm work.  Hey, how ’bout that!  Though Black Tartan Clan is Belgian, their music is Scottish.  This whole first workout was accompanied by music from the UK. Love you Brits & Scots!!  🙂


3 thoughts on “500 Watts, Barbell Iron & The UK

  1. That Black Tartan Clan song was cool. Music and iron go hand in hand for sure. I breathe music. All genres. Funny… People ask me all the time if I’m Scottish because of my accent. I’m Spanish LoL. ??? Weird. :/

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