MX-8035 Field Test

The H&P care package included a couple of boot knives which, despite strong Youtube reviews, I’d wanted to field test myself.  (If you’re interested in it, it’ll come up on a Google search for MX-8035.)   Here it compares to my now sissy soft hand (after a month off from lifting).  By the way, this is marketed as a “neck knife” – a ridiculous concept.IMG_9678Despite it’s small size, the handle fits secure and is comfortable even in a tight fist thanks to its ergonomics.IMG_9742As seen in these varied photos, I’ve used it outside a few times.  It’s a decent backup blade.  The only thing I’m not big on is that the deep belly of the blade makes the knife want to rotate in your palm when shaving wood.  Below I’m shaving the damp layer off fuel wood.IMG_9680Overall, not a bad purchase for c. $16 from Amazon.  The sheath is pretty decent (see Youtube vids for more info on it) and the knife arrived very sharp. Because it’s so tiny, even with the sheath it’ll fit into a pocket.  The blade stock is thick enough to make it capable of handling tinder batoning making it more useful than most folders.

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