Caving Canines

“Slab caves” are the geologic term for caves that are made by hollow areas under large blocks of ledge… so not real caves which are called “solution caves.”  In my area there are no real solution caves.  Those are the kind with icicle rock thingies (stalagtites) hanging down and icicle rock thingies pointing up (stalagmites).  Such caves, commonly made of limestone, have water in them and are made when the bedrock is dissolved into tunnels.  The necessary geology for these structures doesn’t exist here so we’ve got to “make do” with a few paltry slab caves.

Below is one such spot.  Ty’s lip wrinkles as he gazes in wonder.DSCN0411Jonesy peeks over an edge.  Now accustomed to having dogs leashed and harnessed at all times, this shot makes me cringe.DSCN0415Jonesy makes his way down a narrow corridor.
DSCN0379The boys wait while dad fiddles with his infernal camera.  It was a good trip.  Caves can be areas to cool off in hot summer.DSCN0416

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