Hiking Into The Weekend

End of the work week with both Mak and I eager to get out, I converted our usual out-to-poo walk to a more legit hike.  We crossed through the small woods then down along the railroad track to a hidden valley I’ve kept in mind for just such an occasion.  A few logs to sit on presented a suitable fire spot and, even better, small patches of ice provided just what I’d need to eventually put out the embers.

It looks as though Mak was roasting his face, but we were several feet back of the flames.IMG_9730cropHe was happy, wagging, sniffing and whining, eager to keep moving.  But since dad seemed so damned intent on staying in front of the hot spot, might as well scootch up for quality petting!IMG_9734The walk back was just as good; the western horizon line glowed gold as we disappeared into the dusk.


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