15 thoughts on “Going Heavy!

  1. Nice to see a woman pushing them self. What I have seen is women at the gym wearing fashionable work out gear, makeup, hair done just right barely breaking a sweat! Why bother? Might as well stay at home! Oh btw, I like Lauren’s cute nail polish! 😜

      1. Well… thanks, I can still pretend. Or perhaps I sort of am considering all the online men whom my sister points out have forgotten how to be males. But then I was always in a dramatic minority at any age. Those things you listed? Never been popular. But what the hell, I have fun with ’em! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      2. Really!!? Guess I haven’t seen those regular posts?! Wow… I like that. I’ll give that at look over tonight. Today I’m chit chatting doing outreach @ the New Mexico Legislature and missing the gym 😦

      3. As you know, missing the occasional workout can sometimes benefit recovery. So one night missed, no sweat. You’re still the opposite of “civilians” for whom the occasional workout is the norm rather than vice versa!

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