Sniffle – Sniffle – No Go – Sniffle

This is the second weekend I’m staying in due to this crappy cold virus.  Glad to be on the mend.  So many people at work are sick!  Two weekends of prime winter camping opportunity lost.  We’ve got virtually no snow on the ground which is ideal.  Just a thin dusting of icy crust – perfect for preventing forest fires even with a big bonfire.

Once snow pack builds to a foot or more with snow mobile tracks, the truck gets challenged.  Snow wheeling rigs tend to be smaller and lighter with huge tires and often V8’s custom shoe-horned into former four cylinder trucks.  There are many, many videos of people having fun.  Here’s one.  If you’re intrigued, browse around and see stunning views of the natural world.

(Gotta love La Donna E Mobile in the background for part of the segment!)  I wish I had a group to go with.  It seems most participants are in their twenties.  Why do people get so boring when the “grow up?”  And I really need some cheese and crackers for all this whine!  🙂

Well, for now I’ll stay in, thumb the razor edge of one of the knives or axes and daydream about building a blaze in some remote spot without a sound save for the fire’s crackle and maybe a distant tat-tat of downy woodpecker.  Next weekend?  Please?!

And I can also recall great trips of the past!DSCN0487








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