The Luscious Bachelorettes

Yes, sometimes I do get queries from online dating beauties… and 99.9% of the time, they look remarkably like retired professional wrestler, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine.  😦GV3Add in the de rigueur ponderous and sagging front end and we’re talking – I mean like – carbon copy!GV

9 thoughts on “The Luscious Bachelorettes

    1. Really?! I’ve had several people tell me that! 🙂 One friend even told me the way Rollins speaks reminds her of me. I’ve never quite seen the resemblance but take it as a compliment. I’ve seen two photos of people I thought looked like me. Both happened years ago and were of quite nefarious people, so I won’t share them here.

      Recently I’ve had several instances, while wearing a newsboy cap, of being told I look like a character from Breaking Bad. I don’t watch TV though and have never seen the show.

      1. It’s the hair.. Got to be the hair. And the muscles. Most definitely the muscles. I never watched Breaking Bad. I took issue with the shows popularity and how it made a meth manufacturer and dealer a folk hero. That’s a discussion for another time, I suppose.

      2. Having never seen the show, I’ve got no idea what it’s about just that I’ve been told I look like one of the characters. I Googled images and saw a guy with a goatee like I’ve had a couple of times…

  1. Oh my!!! I also am doing the on-line dating thing… and he looks like my prospects too!! Though I’d say men on my side of the equation are not nearly as good looking! One of my complaints is that men have lost their masculinity…

    1. Oh my god, that’s so spot on! When I saw numerous images of relatives in Europe from this past summer, I thought, none of them looked like men or women. They were some sort of androgynous middle ground – even the clothes they chose to wear gave no hint as to gender. That’s all fine and good if it works for you and you’re “all set” in you life. But if you want to attract a partner, you owe it to yourself and your prospects to have some pride, to identify with, and call attention to, your gender. Me? I’d want to do whatever I can to be “the man” my partner has always wanted. Making her happy would make me happy. And no woman who’d pick H&P would ever have wanted a skorts & Birkenstock wearing guy who liked to knit.

      My sister says wants a man who comes into the room before his stomach does. She complains of soft rounded creatures with no jawline, of the strap of hair that runs side to back but not on top, of men who have not a jot of masculinity, sedentary mewling things… So no doubt about it, both genders are every bit as pathetic. Their appearance shouts, “I gave up!”

    1. Not all of us. Men heavily influenced by cultural trends aren’t men at all. I think what sis was talking about though is their concession to age and lack of self-pride. Rife in both genders.

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