Winter Camp

I knew where I wanted to camp but, with semi-lousy street tires, had to dig my way in.DSCN6297aOvernighting next to this bluff had an elemental feel; something about it touched the caveman in me.
DSCN6298aDinner over, I relaxed by the fire.  I recall the barred owls were plentiful and loquacious that night (it was early April).
DSCN6303aOf course, elderly Jonesy was comfortable in his nest.DSCN6331By morning the thermometer read 18 degrees, the coldest I’d camped in years.DSCN6340I usually keep a clean organized camp.  In those days Ty and I shared mummy bags zipped together.DSCN6337He was only forty-two pounds so together we could wedge into the small Toyota bed.DSCN6338aRemnants of the night’s fire.DSCN6343One of the best parts of primitive camping is waking and starting the day in a remote and silent spot.  Blowing embers to life for that first cup of coffee is about the best way to start a cold day!  April, 2007.

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