Even Though…

…camping in front of a bar-way is not allowed, if I’m just crashing for the night and will be gone early next day, I’ve often picked such spots.  “Established sites” are often: totally devoid of firewood with long, ugly  tree stumps left standing everywhere, all small tree branches broken off, birch bark stripped, strewn with trash, and sometimes have open latrine holes the toilet paper draping path and bushes.  Furthermore, “established sites” have enormous rock fire rings loaded with rusted wire, melted and broken glass and ant covered garbage.  Fire rings seriously hamper fire tending and are easily tripped over in the dark.  Hate that! Why are people compelled to build such useless, often dangerous, monstrosities?

Humans are pigs.  Much better to camp in a virgin spot.  October, 2015.



8 thoughts on “Even Though…

    1. The saving grace is that some are conscientious… trouble is, who’s in the majority? By the looks of many sites it makes one wonder why so many people would go to an unspoiled place just to defile it. If I’m unfortunate enough to have to stay in such a site, I always try to leave it better than I found it. Not that I’m without flaws. For example, I’m sure my dog would maintain that I’m all too frugal handing out cheese…

      1. There’s nothing wrong with handing out cheese.. Just don’t give it to the chipmunks. They never have your best interests at heart 😉

        I carry grocery bags to pick up garbage. Nothing burns me more than people who carve on trees and build cairns for no reason… And cigarette butts.. Or loud people. They don’t get it and sadly, their parents didn’t teach them to get it.. Or respect. They go together..

        My local hang outs generally attract a lot people during the warmer months. Thankfully, I don’t mind the cold. My goal is to eventually move out west where the crowds are a little different and I have more to look at.

        I have to travel to find things to really marvel at..

      2. We are cut from the same cloth. Don’t even get me started on loud people and their radios! I mean, I’ve got plenty of music on this blog which I listen to at high volume but it’s utterly inappropriate for the natural setting. I can’t fathom that others don’t realize some of us might have driven some distance for the peace and quiet… and now to listen to this? GRR!

        Same here(!) about remote spots on holiday weekends when all the cretins come out. I used to avoid camping then. But, I’m lucky to presently have a friend’s property on which to camp on weekends like Fourth of July, Labor Day and Columbus Day (which is a big deal in the northeast because of urban leaf peepers).

        I believe every state should have saved a large percentage of unspoiled land as open use National Forest because it’s my belief that connecting with untouched nature is a basic human right.

    1. I was fortunate in the second half of 2015 to get in more camping than I’d been able to in the years caring for my folks. Yup, definitely fulfilling. Thanks for reading and keep up the good work on your own travel blog!

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