The Great 2015! H&P Looks Back

IMG_51552015 was a great year for Heroes ‘N Pirates!  In early January beloved mom died ending her horrible suffering.  Huge relief.  And though much of the remaining year entailed tying up loose ends from the “estate,” with each task completed, one more burr was removed from the saddle blanket.

Just starting the warpath. Fat and weak but drenched in sweat and training al-fresco!
Just starting the warpath. Fat and weak but drenched in sweat and training al fresco!

Then began catching up on all the to-do projects dormant for the two years I’d been caring for my folks.  The list seemed endless but I’ve passed the clubhouse turn and urgent tasks have been supplanted by general maintenance.  I’m not a laborer, detest home projects.  Days should be spent adventuring, in the saddle whirling a saber or at the tiller of the longship, mayhem on the mind, laughter on the lips!

And increasingly 2015 was just that.  Compared to previous years there was more primitive camping, more and consistent weight room battles, a new bench PR of 135X51, biking with the dog was rekindled along with flat-out aggressive solo mountain biking (it’s been years!).  This was a year of kayaking and swimming. I spent more time in the Atlantic than in years.

Remote spot on the Atlantic in an off-road truck, canine companionship, mountain bike and tailgate gym! What’s not to like?

This past year, some health issues were resolved.  I made fab new connections and rekindled – and also jettisoned – some old, ah well… move on – free of ballast the ship moves lighter. 🙂  2015 was also the year of Game of Thrones and Vikings, and how sweet is that?

Now with so many chores out of the way, 2016 looks to be even more promising.  But there’s a definite glow behind me as 2015 begins to recede into the history books!IMG_5338

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