Chicken Over Lilac

IMG_8082A friend asked if I’d help thin out the dead lilac trunks from around his house.  Though rotted at their base, the trunks themselves were dry hardwood, perfect as fuel.  So I brought along a bag of “drumettes,” the parts of chicken wings that look like miniatures drumsticks, and the large cast iron pan I bought expressly for cooking over a fire.IMG_8083The fire was as hot as any oak fire, much too hot to go near.  I laid a couple burning logs parallel and filled the space between them with embers to create a stable cooking platform.  Despite the intense heat, it took long for the wings to be fully cooked.  Next time, parboil first.  And another tip for myself, though the drummets filled most of the pan, see how much diminished they became?  Next time whole bag, cowboy!IMG_8086

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