Solstice Supremacy

Supremacy?  Well, maybe not supreme yet but certainly working at it.  Last night 38:02 of intense cardio.  Today, work sets on squats, 3X20 with quarry chain left me seeing stars and floaters.  Head rush, room spinning, I had sit and frantically gulp air.  On to heavy glute/ham curls then upper back and traps.  As I said recently, that area has regained some thickness.

Niblick Henbane provided added zip to the workout with their signature sound:

And speaking of squats, here’s the way they look when you do ’em right (though I use the low-bar position).   No one would question the supremacy of Pisarenko!Pisarenko

Up from the gym now to catch my breath, down protein and marshal strength for the second part of two-a-days.  Pretty soon will be some scheduled and hard-earned time off.  (After about five months training as steadily as arthritis allowed.)

All to say this, it’s the solstice and we are entering a celestial new year. What better to do so than to make sure your “house is in order” through intense barbell work?  🙂

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