Vengeance Over Decay

Over the past years I’ve been quite self-deprecating in posts regarding my physical condition.  I’ve got good self-esteem, that is, I’ve got a clear and fairly objective view of where I land on the human spectrum.  It’s just that my arthritic body earned all those laments.  At the end of July this past summer I was in the very worst condition of my adult life:HDV_0098fcropBut since early August I’ve trained as regularly as my joints would allow and I’ve regained a sense of self.  I’m not “there” yet, anywhere near my mid-forties peak, but while training yesterday my traps again were beginning to look like armor plate. My neck regained some thickness. Compare the above with the below.  I’m getting back to the way men should look.  And I always wonder, if others aren’t as arthritic as me, and they’re not, then what’s holding ’em back?IMG_8050At work yesterday someone asked why I had so many veins visible in my arms, was that from working out?  I told him vascularity is dictated by thickness of skin and level of subcutaneous fat.  As I continue to train and lean out the “hoses” are resurfacing.IMG_8052These results from only four and a half months of training… show how far I’d descended to shitbag condition. Now I’m scoring vengeance over former decayed.

This isn’t a how-too blog, but if you’re interested in training and fulfilling yourself physically, check out It’s the most comprehensive, complete site I’ve found on all aspects of conditioning. 🙂

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