Nightliner & High Rep Chain Deadlifts

Stars swam before my eyes, lungs on fire as I struggled to fill them with enough oxygen.

Sure I’ve kept up with aggressive cardio.  Last boxing totaled 42:07, about all joints can presently handle.  Though I didn’t wear the heart rate monitor, at 52 y.o.a., I generally average between the mid 150’s and low 160’s.

But I don’t care who you are, load the bar, add quarry chain then hammer out twenty eye popping reps and you’ll be dying… as much from the catecholamine dump as from metabolic stress.  And that’s precisely where I was, world spinning, head rush, lungs burning… precisely where I wanted to be!


This melodic, high energy, all-girl band added fire and accompanied the clanging plates, clatter of quarry chain and gasping breath:

“…I’m really on my own now
I feel so all alone
I get that sinking feeling
I won’t be coming home…”

-from Nightliner, Fabulous Disaster


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