Warm In The Cold And Dark

Yesterday was the first of the season.  It was in the thirties, raining and dark before 17:00.  I was too tired to segue from work and dog walking right into training.  After all, it was twenty rep sets of shrug bar deadlifts draped with quarry chain – not the thing you want to do at half mast.

The house was cold, I lit a fire in the wood stove, lit a fat jar candle whose light danced on the walls and ceiling, gathered Mak to me on the day bed and we fell asleep to the sound of the ticking clock, whispering stove and occasional gurgle of the rain gutters.

I’ve posted about these naps before, they are minor highlights of existence and part of the reason I love cold, raw weather.  Now with the short, dark, cold days, they’ve just begun for another year.  I hope all my readers get the chance to create and enjoy similar experiences!

And yes, the subsequent deads followed by assistance work were battles won with aplomb!candle on rainy night

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