Cuddle & Carnage


Mak, Doodles and in a lump o’ cuddlin’, 2012.

Recovery from loss is not a linear process.  I get a bit better, then backslide for a time. A key in dealing with grief is focusing on something to look forward to. Distraction helps as well once endless processing becomes no longer productive.  I’ve hit two birds with one stone by getting Vikings seasons 1 & 2 from the library.  I don’t own a TV so the plan was to watch the episodes on the computer.

As self-absorbed as I’ve been these last days, I felt badly for Mak.  I didn’t want to watch the computer so long and further ignore him so I grouped a couple of  dog beds in front of the study desk, moved the large computer monitor to edge of the desk and then nested with him thereby adding a third bird with the same stone.

Nightly now, Mak lays between my legs and rests his head on my thigh or stomach.  He moans with pleasure as I caress him or drifts off to sleep while Vikings hack each other and Anglo-Saxons to bits.  Viola! Something to look forward to each night (for a guy who wears the Valknut!), distraction and Mak and I both get quality cuddle time.  He knows the routine and though I can’t be sure he anticipates the pleasure, as soon as our video watching nest is set up he gets into position under the desk.  Good times!vikings_season2_sld-688x451

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