Big Bang

RIP650Disturbing news tonight.  I called an old friend with whom I’ve had no contact in the last couple of years.  It didn’t phase me too much when only his wife’s name came up on voicemail – he’d always taken the extra step to keep a low profile.  But return messages piled up in short order.  So I called.  In distraught and fragmented speech, his widow relayed the details.

Last winter he’d gone missing for a couple of days.  His wife saw signs and alerted the police, his vehicle was identified by a neighbor to remote open land,  his body was then found. He’d shot himself.

R.I.P.  ol’ buddy.  Hope you got your last wish!

2 thoughts on “Big Bang

  1. That is so sad to hear! Sorry to hear of someone taking their own life. We never know what demons haunt a person. In most cases things eventually get better. If only they could see how much anguish they leave behind!

    1. I don’t know the full story, the more I learned the more it became convoluted. His wife is understandably distraught. When my life fell apart it took about 18 months to regain some sense of normalcy so I just can’t imagine her level of pain. 32 years of marriage. Thanks for your compassionate response!

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