Current State of Disgrace

Photos of just a few years ago reveal how much I’ve lost due to arthritis induced layoffs from training.  Presently though, at 52, I’m pleased to be able to sustain at least some consistency. All my life, I’ve disdained those who trained sporadically, now alas, I’ve perforce become one.  But as compared to photos of early summer, I’m returning to at least a modicum of condition.  These were 11/20/2015.MVI_7981aIf you look to the lower right on my abdomen you can see the five inch long scar from one of my nine surgeries.MVI_7981eStill blubbery as I am, I have yet to achieve the angularities I covet so much…  I’ve been told that at times I look like a muscular Chuck Liddell. I see it in this photo. Would that I had his ability!MVI_7981jcrop

4 thoughts on “Current State of Disgrace

    1. Thanks, just getting back after a year off. I started training mid-August but can’t be consistent ’cause I sometimes need to let the deltoid joints recover. Nonetheless, I’ll be significantly improved this spring so long as I don’t require pending surgery this winter. 🙂

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