Less People!

In a place with no name Ty and Jonesy greet the morning.S7300227S7300235 A big part of travel camping is incessantly repacking and reorganizing.S7300236But places like this…S7300243Very rare places where there are thankfully less of us ants crammed against each other…S7300244
Are fantabulous!  I’m a huge believer that each state should have it’s own remote wilderness areas set aside for its constituents and its a crime against the human experience, a lowering of quality of life for all, that we don’t make this possible not just in the U.S. but the world over.  And Ty agrees!S7300246Places where there isn’t more thousands of people around every corner are sinfully rare, places you can brazenly take a dip…S7300255In your “birthday suit”…S7300261aAnd fall asleep to lantern and starlight should be a human right accessible to everyone on Earth!S7300213a

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