Anglo-Saxon Values

This passage reveals values comparable to those I’ve held dear as far back as I can remember.  Likely, I developed them by reading about them as a kid.  It seems to me the stuff of heroes.

They admired men of outstanding courage, whatever tribe they came from.  Loyalty to the leader of the tribe and fierce personal valor were considered necessary for the survival of all.  Persons of rank were received with grave courtesy, whatever their tribe or people.  The ruler was supposed to be generous to those who were loyal, and the followers, in return for this generosity, were to remain loyal.  Everyone was aware of the shortness of life and the passing away of all things in the world.  An impersonal, irresistible fate determined most of life, but heroic human will and courage allowed individuals to control their own response to fate and thus to win fame and become models for others to follow.

-from Adventures in English Literature, Pegasus Edition, by William Keach, John Richetti, and Bruce Robbinsanglo-saxons2

2 thoughts on “Anglo-Saxon Values

    1. Yes. Factions of the Britons invited them in to assist in fighting each other… then regretted it. As the Briton’s money ran out, the Germanic tribes began to raid their hosts. The Saxons have a more savage reputation then the Angles but that might not be accurate. It is hard to know exact truth of such an early time when records were spotty.

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