Four Phase Day

Despite a later than desired start, today was pretty fulfilling.  After caring for my folks for two years then having to spend months catching up on all I let slide, it’s SO good to have my old life back!  I kicked off the day with a 57 minutes of sprint intervals through the swamp and along the tracks.IMG_6246Back home I refilled the thinly diluted Gatorade, switched to the dog-bike and harnessed Mak who was trembling with anticipation.  Then off to a secret place we wouldn’t run into cabrones with loose dogs.  It was rockier and steeper than our usual dirt roads/bike trails and once we crested the grade, we were both heated.IMG_6260At the truck the chrono showed 55 minutes.  Mak was eager for more but I deliberately left gas in his tank for tomorrow.  And though the photo below was taken another day, swimming the pond and back was a very welcome Phase III for both of us.HDV_0100aRain was clearly on the way by the time we’d driven north and entered late-day Phase IV.DSCN3319Because of buoyancy issues, I didn’t bring the MX-8069 but strapped on this diving knife.  Diminutive compared to the usual, but you didn’t think Heroes ‘N Pirates would go without a blade, did you?DSCN3321cropWith a hiss across the water, the rain swept in.  Mak was unhappy, so I paddled for the truck.DSCN3342It wasn’t long before we were drenched, then I loaded the kayak in the dark.  But it made a good end-of-day adventure.

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