Paradise in the Sand

And speaking of heavy metal ballads, this was one of my favorites though the beginning takes almost 50 seconds to get rolling and the sappy tinkling end should be dropped.  No one else seems to remember it because it wasn’t overplayed like everything else in those days.  This goes out to Jonesy, may he rest in peace, and Ty old but still kickin’.

There’s a place not far away
Where all my dreams came true one day
Out on a lonely stretch of sand
We walked together hand in hand
Happy then, but now I find I can’t erase you from my mind,oh
How I touched and felt
How I remember, I held
Paradise in my hands
Heaven below and heaven above
Paradise in the sand.

With Ty & Jonesy, my two boys, romping in the sand.  We were always together, had a great family for years.IM004340 (2)ss

IM004386 IM007537 IM007550 IM007578

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