More Fifties, More Muscle

20111023044920Greaser-e1350060347501I’ve liked this song since I was a tot.  Check out the shots of the lame audience enjoying a bit of after dinner entertainment:

This would be a perfect song to redo as punk.  Because the peak of my dad’s lifting was in the Fifties, for me, the decade is always synonymous with muscle.  And here are some of the guys who, through my dad’s old magazines, were my inspiration as a kid.  George Eiferman

EifermanJohn Grimek (considered the single best lifter of any and all type of the 20th century)

John_Grimek_photo168Stever Reeves

sr20Reg Park (who inspired Schwarzenegger)


I spent hundreds of hours reading everything I could get my hands on about training.  I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew one thing, I had to be like these guys.  In those days competitive powerlifting didn’t exist yet.  Once I discovered performance training,like a rat off a sinking ship, I abandoned the phony cosmetics of “bodybuilding”

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