Swim at Dusk

The sky this evening was such a cool mix of yellow light and dark thunder clouds, both setting off the blue black of the water.  So after Mak and I swam the pond, I ran back for the camera.  Alas, the cool lighting had faded by then.  Still I caught this one of Mak towing me in to solid ground.SAM_0943

Fat Bar Dynamics

IMG_2046After the initial fat bar forest foray, I’m waiting for the next exercise rotation to start working the bar into my cycle.  But so far I like it very much.  Despite it’s “homemade” construction it’s quality is far better than a parallel grip bar I obtained from Piedmont Designs (PDA) in Mauldin SC.  The workmanship quality is no comparison.  Piedmont used flimsy little washers as inside collars and welded them in place with teensy little spots.  Check out all the air space between washer and bar:IMG_2442Now this is the way it SHOULD be  welded:IMG_2438Notice too the dimensions of the washer that functions as the inside collar.  Positively no comparison:IMG_2444IMG_2439I can tell the person who welded it was not only a fine welder, he also knew barbells.  It’s not solid, but it’s far too thick-walled to really be called “hollow.”IMG_2437The thin patina of rust accumulated when the bar was sitting under the truck while camping two days in the rain will give me a fantabulous grip! IMG_2441Incidentally, this bar is drill rod tool steel.  And though someone offered Brian $20 for it in scrap (which is actually pretty good money for mere 70 lbs.) Brian maintains that the quality of this tool steel puts the price tag for this chunk at c. $700 were one to order it.  He’s asked his machinist if it were possible to knurl it.  The man touched a file to it and the file slid off as if touching glass.  Knurling the surface would be so damaging to the tools that it wasn’t worth the attempt.  Brian painted thin lines for demarcation on his own bar.  It’s the bar in the middle with the orange marker at the center.IMG_1925Thanks again Brain, I look forward to kicking my ass with it!IMG_2045

Getting There

It’s always a bit nerve wracking taking expensive risks solo when hundreds of miles from home.  Off-roading can be tricky with such a large and heavy vehicle as a 3/4 ton pickup.IMG_1926And yet it’s exciting too.  There’s the anticipatory pleasure of adventure at hand…IMG_1934… and peace, beauty and silence forthcoming.IMG_2143

Ain’t Just Vikings…

…who train outdoors.  Don’t know if this was an actor caught trying to stay in shape or part of an episode purporting some sort of Viking training.1374667962_hercules1What I do know is the last four decades I’ve lived the real deal.  Here I’ve hung a San Angelo bar I keep in the truck while off-roading and am doing hanging rows.  Hey Viking, think you can keep up?  You’re on.  Grab the bar, let’s go.IMG_2018

Der Osten Rockt – Why All the Overseas Punk?

Readers know I’m a huge fan of punk.  I love discovering bands that are totally “it,” bands like Noi!se, Booze & Glory, The Rabble and more.  And though my German skills have faded into rusty obscurity, I love the language so much that combining it with punk makes both even sweeter.  ‘Course I’ve got to be careful ’cause sometimes it’s a fine line and before I know it, the bands I’m listening might be neo-Nazis and that’s something I don’t support and would never post.  So before posting, I’ve got to research band history.  Based purely on image, many people make the mistake, even in Deutschland itself.  Snap judgements are often incorrect.

I’ve got to say, I love the Brits too!  One thing German and British punk seem to stress is togetherness, something I lack so much in my isolated life.  For many, it’s all about togetherness like the end of  Fahnen im Wind, from Berliner Weisse.  Goitzsche Front, is another of those rare bands that seems to create a winner with each song.  And here’s a cool video too, typical of punk, it’s got subtle humor mixed in.  If my translation is ballpark accurate, the song is essentially about rock of East Germany, that it’s their life blood.  It says they’ll show what it means to be East German, being perfect was never the goal but with will power it’s possible to turn shit into bonbons.  The chorus stresses they take pleasure from life and hold the flag high, because they’ve got the coolest women and concerts and they’ll drink to homeland.

Turning shit into bonbons.  Isn’t that what life often requires?   Who needs to turn lemons into lemonade?  At c. 1:46 in the video a fan’s shirt reads “Es ist der zusammenhalt der uns stark macht!”  which means “It’s our togetherness that makes us strong!”  Loyalty, life lessons, an aggressive upbeat energy with just a dash of humor.  The sound is so “guitary” and the melody perfect.  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart said “Quote by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.”  This struck me as an embodiment of that.  Great stuff!

Goitzsche Front – Der Osten Rockt

Ich geh so durch die Straßen der Himmel strahlend blau
Mit einem Blick in die Ferne und ich weiß ganz genau
Ja hier bin ich zuhause ja hier sind alle für mich da
Ich wusste es schon immer, es war mit immer klar
Der Osten rockt, unsre Heimat
Ja hier sind wir geboren
Der Osten rockt, unser Herzblut
Haben wir an dir verloren
Wir wollen feiern, kommt schenkt uns noch einen ein
Wir werden es euch zeigen, was es heißt ein Ossi zu sein
Es war nicht immer leicht die Geschichte schrieb sehr viel
Doch makellos zu sein war niemals unser Ziel
Aus Scheiße ein Bonbon gemacht es gab immer einen Weg
Es war derungebrocheneWille derheutnoch in unslebt
Ich hatte immer Spaß am Leben hielt die Fahne immer hoch
Denn wir haben die geilsten Weiber, Konzerte sowieso
Drauf werden wir ein Trinken der Abend ist noch lang
Wir trinken auf die Heimat und fangen von vorne an

Quiet Winter Morning at the Ocean

There’s nothing like waking up on a quiet winter morning in a snug place by the ocean.  It’s such a powerful memory for me that it’s my current computer wallpaper.  In the photo below the radio is softly playing classical music and I’ve got fresh brewed coffee on the sink.  New fallen snow blankets the deck……a long beach walk and companionship with Tribe sister Lori is in the offing.  Life doesn’t get better.  Limitless thanks to Margaret and Lori for making it possible!DSCN4140

Sculpting Body Bar – Heroes ‘N Pirates Style

Remember those cheesy, sculpting fitness bars from the Eighties?  Like anyone could really get a body changing workout from such low stimulation!  These ads look more recent than that, but what the hell, the fitness “industry” is so ridiculously cyclical it’s amazing anyone falls for that crap.  (For example, kettlebells?  Those damn things were around at the turn of the century for cryin’ out loud.  Five, ten years ago it was like this “new” surprise trend  :o! Puhlease, gimme a break.)

Anyway, I recently drove up to Brian’s.  Hadn’t seen him in a couple years and he had a “sculpting body bar” – Heroes ‘N Pirates style – waiting for me.  When I told a woman I’d been chatting with online (who was a bodybuilder) that I was picking up an exercise bar, she sounded shocked the bar weighed 70 pounds empty.  “Empty?” she said, “Like, then you put weights on it?”  Yeah, babe, that’s the general idea.  Oh and it’s also fat, so seventy pounds of this solid block of steel feels SO much heavier.  I kid you not, when I was back home and moving around the empty 45 pound Texas Power Bar, it felt downright dainty.  One more note, though fat bar training has had renewed popularity since the late Nineties, it too has been around since the turn of the century.

Here I am in August 2014, a fat, arthritic fifty-one years old doing a little toning “at home” in a remote wilderness fastness.  I didn’t transport plates so used high rep sets to generate a bit of muscle stim.

Hey, thanks AGAIN Brian!