Forever Young

My body and pathetic “training” remind me how much mileage I’ve accrued.  I want to be forever young to keep kicking ass!  Here’s the best version I’ve yet heard of “Forever Young.”  Thanks to Exit of the Czech Republic for this energetic beat and delivery.

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Out Here

With the back crammed with gear for a two week sojourn, the truck points to the unknown with nary a house to be seen.  :) DSCN0752Though not true wilderness, even out here self-reliance and handling all contingencies is the key…
DSCN1052_2…And peace is the reward.DSCN1155

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Someone Wants a Kitten!

From the same genius who brightened out lives with the ultimate dog tease check out this hilarious installment:

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The Truth About Spay / Neuter

My first vet told me not to alter my dog’s evolutionarily designed endocrine system unless there’s a very clear medical reason to do so.  He articulated my own reservations about spaying and neutering.  Reading Ted Kerasote’s, Pukka’s Promise, confirmed the belief.  I discovered this video link indictment of wholesale mindless elective surgery (that actually mentions Kerasote).

I was involved in dog rescue for years and totally agree with the need to minimize unwanted dogs, yet that belief does NOT conflict with keeping dogs intact.  Most dogs in Europe remain intact and unwanted pregnancies are nowhere near what they are in the states.  Let’s do our canine friends a service and replace altering their endocrine system with responsible supervision and ownership.  Loving and responsible dog care for both the individual and the species starts with us:

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Fire in Company

People with more social life than me, apparently, find a way to share a fire on the beach!  :)IMG_3176

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-14 – But Won’t Be Long

This morning was the coldest yet, -14 Fahrenheit.IMG_2313cropBut it won’t be long before everyone will be complaining of bugs and heat.  Below I spent a very hot and humid afternoon doing various camp chores: rough-filing the big Bowie handle so it fits my hand better.IMG_1412Coiling rope as the dog pants in the sun?  What’s up with that?!  He’s prepping for the upcoming -14.  July 2014.IMG_1413

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Reflective Autumn Woods Evening

October, 2006DSCN1991 DSCN1992 DSCN1995 The drive out…DSCN1997

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More Than a Dusting

I popped over to my folks place to shovel off the workshop roof.  You can see the where air vented up through the ridge vent.IMG_2278While their place wasn’t as buried as places along the coast, you can see they’ve gotten a bit more than a “dusting.”IMG_2275

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I’m Sorry…

…Did you say you wanted this piece of meat?dsc_0177

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What’s It Gonna Be…

…this weekend?IMG_2246

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