Happy Halloween!

Of course it doesn’t take Halloween for Heroes ‘N Pirates to post fierce creatures, but here’s my guy wishing all of you lots of fun and light-hearted frights!  I’m sure readers expected as much from me:)WarewolfAnd what next?  A bit of horror do-wop, a rolling three-beat Fifties melody from Mister Monster:

For more serious “hellhound” fans, my All Hallows Eve offering is a truly ghoulish piece.   DO NOT look if you’ve got a weak stomach:  http://www.vice.com/read/dogs-love-eating-human-faces  (I myself never clicked to uncensor the image, just read the article.)

Don’t eat too much candy:)!


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There We Went

Mak looks at the camera as we head out for another remote adventure…  June 2011.DSCN0031_2

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Wolves as Friends

Friendship: an odd, and many would say naive word to describe the relationship between any human and a wild beast, especially one that might devour one’s children…

Of course, friendship can be a one-way, nonreciprocal flow of positive thoughts and deeds from one being to another…  But what about that ultimate bond, a human and a wild wolf, true bonded friends, each taking pleasure in the other’s company?

But neither was this an ordinary wolf, nor Harry an ordinary human; nor was their history together anything near ordinary.  Since 2003, he and Brittain had been meeting the wolf on an almost daily basis, sometimes more than once a day, and often for hours at a time.  They roamed together, rested, and played – tens, then hundreds, finally thousands of hours in all seasons and weather, over a growing sweep of years.  Like any of us who’d met the wolf, the bond began with wolf to dog but, to an extent that must have surprised even Harry, ended up including him as well.  “As time progress,” Harry said, “Romeo and I developed a personal relationship that was quite independent from the one he had with Brittain. -from A Wolf Called Romeo, by Nick Jan’s


A wolf researcher sings with her charge.

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Hey, Is that Gravy Train?!

In response to my post about Carrée, a reader wrote to me that his first dog was a German Shepherd named Rex, and that he and Rex would share Gravy Train on the kitchen floor. Ah (sigh!) those fond childhood memories:)


While this is not really an image of the reader and his dog, you get the idea!

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Wolf Monogamy

Research and eyewitness anecdotes show that mated wolves do indeed form till-death-do-us-part monogamous bonds that equal any in the animal kingdom and put many human commitments to shame.  Wolf researcher Dr.Gordon Haber reported a case of a male wolf finding his dead mate (killed by airplane hunters in a state-sanctioned predator control operation), burying her, and lying on top of her body for ten days. -from A Wolf Called Romeo, by Nick JansWolf_love_by_svarci

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The Beauty of Bittersweet

This plant though an undesirable invasive called Oriental Bittersweet is beautiful in the fall.  Because it’s invasive, perhaps I should pull it out of the ground but I enjoy the festive leaves and berries every fall.  Isn’t that rather like life?  So many things have two sides and it seems we always have to take the bad with the good.  As Lori would say, “For every gimme there’s a gotcha.”  I try to find the positive in things… and often manage to with some success.  So check out those colors!IMG_0176 IMG_0178

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My Love for Dogs & My Mom’s Love for Me

A couple posts back I wrote about Carrée, my first dog.  After posting, I talked to mom to find out who’d sent him to me.  I loved that dog so much my mom, who handmade our Christmas stockings, made a little felt image of him and included him on my stocking.  I had to rush back to the house to find it.  Check out the detail in her work, that little chain!IMG_0198Hearing it now as a fifty year old adult, I’m struck by how evident my love for dogs must have been as well as how evident was my mom’s love for me.  She was incredibly loving and attentive.  Any wonder now that she’s in a nursing home I make her a priority in my schedule?

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Roped In

I found a big ball of decent rope on one of our long beach walks and started dragging the heavy wet mess back to the car.  It’s where I get a lot of the serviceable rope I’ve used over the years.  But damn!  That thing was heavy.  And since Mak, still young and tireless back then, was yanking me this way and that, I figured why not let him drag the ropes back?  At first he balked but with minimal encouragement he took it in stride ensuring a fine level of fatigue for the evening.

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Carrée – Heroes ‘N Pirates’ First Dog

I got my very first dog when I was just a tot.  And though much to my sadness I never grew up with real dogs, I loved Carrée almost as much.  Carrée means “square” in French – His shape when He came out of the gift box.  French was my first language, His name was set.  Ya can’t beat kids for their honesty!  My brother rediscovered Him as we were going through mom’s house and now He sits on my bookcase.  Here He is, about 50 years old, in all His cuteness:IMG_0184

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Civil War Cannon Fired at Car

And if all that Civil War talk from the last post whetted your appetite for action (okay, maybe this is a guy-thing!) but who could say “no thanks” to seeing a Civil War era cannon fired into a modern day car?  Way too much fun for me to resist.  If you want to skip the musket and preliminaries, cannon firing starts at 1:10 into the video.  Amazing how long it takes for recoil to be felt.  

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