Tom Sharkey, Stags and That Ol’ Tattoo

For his age, this guy can really belt out the song:

The famous Sharkey chest measured 44 3/4-inches (Jeffries, one of the brawniest heavyweight champs and over four inches taller than Sharkey, had a 43 1/2-inch chest). As if it needed further attention called to it, Sailor Tom had his chest decorated with a tattoo of a four-masted schooner. “I’ll never give up the ship!” he boasted before fights…

Sharkey’s 25-round heavyweight title fight with James J. Jeffries on November 1, 1899 was “probably the fiercest fight that the American fight going public ever witnessed.” the New York Times said at the time.  – from  (And if that website doesn’t like the pairing of Tom Sharkey with punk, that’s okay, we’ll claim him as one of our own!  He cuts such a figure of toughness and defiance, I think I used this photo somewhere on Invictus

Although never a champion, the barrel-chested slugger is regarded as a ring immortal of his era. – from International Boxing Hall of Fametom sharkeyRetired heavyweight boxer “Sailor” Tom Sharkey ran “stags,” that is, illegal prizefights for all-male audiences, in the cellar of his saloon at Broadway and 65th Street on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. – from The Brooklyn Railstagfight

Doing some “belting” of my own.

Love & Longing

VikingsThis blog has forever had a strong romantic component, the longing for great love.Vikings-Lagertha-Katheryn-Winnick-and-Ragnar-Travis-FimmelSo it was with great pleasure that I found Oxo 86’s Auf die Liebe und auf die Sehnsucht which means “On Love and Longing.” Though I didn’t find a full listing of the lyrics, I still understand enough German to interpret the beginning: “Raise a glass with me and together we’ll drink to love and longing!”  Oxo 86 tends towards ska but I hope you’ll agree this melody is a winner.Here’s to our Viking couple’s sound bed rest:o-VIKINGS-EPISODE-3-RAGNAR-LAGERTHA-facebook

My Benches Bite

greatwhiteBenched 135 for 43 consecutive reps this weekend.  I did 50 with my ex watching me back in 2009 but my shoulders weren’t as wrecked then.  Still, 43 reps was only the second time I’ve gone for reps in years.  Back when I was a REAL man and weighed about 205, I put up 225X21 but, hell, I’ve always sucked at benches.  Put the bar on the floor and I’ll pull it, but benches?  Better bark up another tree.  Nonetheless, remember I quoted Hardsell’s lyrics, “push my luck again and again, it’s how I live my life” – I’ll push it some more, shoulders be damned.  Since I just put up 43, I’m pretty sure I can break 50.IMG_1909To help me get there and to start off your week on the right foot:

Wee-Man Goes for a Whirl

If that last post didn’t strike you as funny, maybe this might.  In case you don’t know the Jackass crew, they’re a bunch of professional stunt men who do ridiculously stupid and dangerous stuff.  They film the hijinks for laughs and show the results in cinemas and on TV.  This old footage remains some of my favorite.  Wee-Man is the dwarf in the group and in this video he feels the power of an Everglade air boat.  Even though the title is in Spanish, there’s no dialogue.  It just takes 10 seconds to watch (turn on your sound) and if you’re like me you can’t help but laugh:I love how he lets out a little squeak of surprise and terror as he whirls away.  And what is that, his shoe that goes flying?  Total loss of control.  (In the movie he came out of the bushes laughing, so no worries!)

The “Thank You”

In the last post, I wondered how to properly say thank you for a memorial gift painting I received from Angie.  First of all, I called right away.  That was a must.  But I wanted to follow up with something and clearly a “thank you” card wouldn’t do.  So I made my own card with Crayola crayons and poster board.  The finished product was about eight inches by eleven inches with a duct tape binding.  Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph the card’s cover, but these were the inside pages.  In these first two, the package is being delivered while I’m still sleeping in the back ground.  Then I opened the package to find the painting.  (Notice the Heroes ‘N Pirates ring on my hand!)IMG_1084In the next two images, Mak and I admire the painting as it hangs on the wall. And lastly I’m calling Angie and Jack to thank them. Riley stands by in their house. At first drew myself with an open mouth saying thank you but it looked like I was shouting. So I curved up the sides to make my face look happier. Instead I ended up looking like a scary clown, like The Joker from Batman. But the card did the trick. Angie and Jack were in stitches – as I’m hoping you are as well.IMG_1083

Ty In Oil

Not long after I put Ty down this April, a mailman knocked at my door with a package I had to sign for.  Strange, I thought, I wasn’t expecting anything.  Wrapped in bubble wrap was a painting.  Angie had taken a photo of Ty and me waking in the back of the Tacoma, changed the background to a scenic one she copied from a photo image online, and painted Ty as gift and memorial.  She used a second photo to guess how the hidden tip of his right ear would have hung.  Angie has no formal training and little practice.  She’s only painted one other dog, Jack’s dog, Penny, after she died.

DSCN2693cropbHere’s what she got:

IMG_1904She even caught the sheen of the fur on his face.  When I first opened the package and my eye met the painted eye I felt immediate recognition.  The painting measures 14″X11″.  I was blown away and immediately hung it over my bed.  This was about Angie’s love for me, Angie’s love for Ty, my love for Ty, my gratitude towards Angie, and both our grief for Ty.  How do you thank someone for a gift so precious?

Together In Union

The Strike is such an obscure band that aside from the title track, Shots Heard Round the World, it’s hard to find their music on youtube.  So I gladly discovered Communique, a choice training tune when I first set up the current gym.
“Together in union we will fight, carry on, Together in union we are strong!”6