Since You Got a Dog…

Upbeat, energetic melody with tongue in cheek lyrics, along with this cuddly photo, what’s not to like?  Canadians Chixdiggit keep churning out one “happy” tune after another!

Since you got a dog no one wants to hang around you
Don’t blame yourself it’s not you, it’s your dog
– Chixdiggit

More on Community

skicabinallworkersgood550Because we live in deep country, we do not face the suburban hassle about finding people to work for us… Those few who help us are our neighbors and friends; were it necessary, and were we able, we would as lief work for them. One of the happiest rewards of living where we do is the knowledge that we are part of a community. We know that if we were in trouble and able to holler loud enough, we could stand in the middle of the road and yell and in no time half the town would show up to help out. – from A Countryman’s Journal, Views of Life and Nature from a Maine Coastal Farm, by Roy Barrettebrickyard_farm

Rambo Tough? (titter titter)

The movie images of Rambo slicing off leeches from his chest are so well known that after our daily swim, when I discovered what I thought was a teensy hemlock needle on my ankle, it was far too good a photo-op to pass up.IMG_1765 I was hoping the delicate blade of the Nighthawk would be up to the task.IMG_1767 Turns out, the leech told me it wasn’t a big fan of the 3-in-1 oil I keep on the blade.IMG_1772Yup, (sigh!) tough ol’ birds, Rambo ‘n me.

The Shaman’s Sausage

A new bizarre-o ring – a goat skull with long curling horns, très shaman-esque and the accessory for exploring weird stone sites and making moonlit fires.  Definitely nothing for daily wear what with those long snagging horns.  And it’s doesn’t have much meaning to me… unless you count it’s the prefect accoutrement for holding a stick with an organic, no-nitrites chicken sausage made over a fire.IMG_1755

No Man Like Him

“Adversity hardened him, annealed him, it made him rise to the challenge and beat it back ’til he knew in his own mind that there was no man like him in all the country, nobody tougher, more resourceful, more independent.”  – from Drop City, by T.C. Boyle


It STINKS In Here!

hyena-inside-carcassThe above is a real photo from National Geographic.  It’s an immature hyena hiding from lions inside a dead elephant.  If you’d rather see a hyena having a grand old time actually splashing, yes splashing and rolling inside a giraffe, (and who wouldn’t!) I posted the video a long ago but it’s worth a remindary chuckle if you’re upset about the few bugs on your porch or how your kitchen trash is starting to smell.