Joy Forever

A dead enemy is a joy forever.” – Tyrion Lannister   :)

-from, Game of Thrones, A Storm of Swords, by George R.R. Martin

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Two Skulls Trail

Sixteen years ago I discovered a trail from which poked a couple well-rounded polished stones.  I’d guess they were glacial river sediment.  They looked like the top of skulls.  One in particular was just the right shape, size and color.  I named the path, “Two Skulls Trail.”  I walked it again recently for the first time and kept a sharp eye for the original stone that gave rise to the name.  It wasn’t hard to find and looked just as convincing as when I first saw it.  I placed the knife next to it for perspective.IMG_3589

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Best Way to Spend 17 Seconds:

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Cool View

Ty and I check out the view while Jonesy pants himself cool. Late August, 2002.IM006162

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Shy As a Maid

Qhorin came and stood over him as the first flame rose up flickering from the shavings or bark and dead dry pine needles.  “As shy as a maid on her wedding night,” the big ranger said in a soft voice, “and near as fair.  Sometimes a man forgets how pretty a fire can be.”  – from, Game of Thrones – A Clash of Kings, by George R.R. Martin.IMG_3492crop

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Snake In My Shorts

I usually just throw dirty laundry down the basement stairs and next time I go down, I put them in the laundry room. Poor man’s laundry shoot. This time as I put the clothes in the washer, I found a shedded snake skin in my underwear. I also found one in the wood pile the other day. Was that the same one? Did it somehow hitch a ride on my clothes and end up in the basement in my underwear?

Or. Did a snake slither along my basement and figure my undies weren’t a bad spot to deposit part of his (her?) husk? Or maybe he was just shedding before availing himself of the Texas Power Bar and hundred pound plates… you know, like wriggling out of a fleece before breaking a sweat. But snakes don’t have arms so training events might be: timed wriggling, sit-ups and back-extensions. ‘Cause if that snake finds a way to lift without arms I, with my shoulder arthritis, will be taking notes! Meantime, “Get outta my underwear. There’s only room to shoehorn one snake in there!”

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The Antidote

One of my least favorite chores tonight: opening a pile of mail.  I hate finding all the snafu’s I’ve got to straighten out later on the phone with time I don’t have.  Hate it.  If I were wealthy, without a doubt I’d have a personal assistant do this crap.  But wealthy I’m not, so I appointed a “personal assistant” of sorts for moral support in the background.  Thank goodness for music:

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Never Without Booze

Readers know abstinence to drink in college made me a pariah.  It’s amazing how drinking alcohol, far more costly in terms of death and ruined lives than nicotine could ever be, thrives while culture villainized smoking, considered the most addictive of habits.  People can do without most things but never booze.

No one states it better than Alan Breck in Robert Louis Stevenson’s, Kidnapped:

…the two thirstiest men that ever came out of Scotland… were now shut  in the fore-part of the ship and condemned to what they hated most – cold water.                                                                                And depend upon it,” Alan said, “we shall hear more of them ere long.  Ye may keep a man from the fighting but never from his bottle.”

Here, rendered by N.C. Wyeth, Breck “gives it” to a clutch of drunkards:Wyeth Kidnapped Siege of the Round-Housecrop

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Warmin’ Up

Never mind all that I just said about sleet in the last post.  The weather’s warmed up.  I took the snow tires off the car today and water fun is around the corner.

I’m guessing this is summer of ’07 or ’08.  An admirer gazes at Ty in his yellow vest.DSCN1271A hasty, tilted shot with the camera likely propped on a rock.DSCN1275

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Go Sleet!

Okay, I’m going  to ostracize myself from just about every last other human but when I took Mak out for his pee last night and discovered half an inch of silvery translucent sleet on the vehicles and ground I was pretty psyched.  I know winter over-stayed its welcome but I love sleet!  I’ve gotten to enjoy it more each passing year.  I love how it sounds on the windows, how it drives everyone indoors, how it’s so damn inclement.  It’s the perfect weather to stay in, feed the wood stove or go to sleep… which was what Mak and I were about to do.

This morning it’s even heavier and “something” is still coming down.  It should thin out the morning commute, and let me listen to the audio Game of Thrones in peace.  Glad I’ve still got the studded snows on the car.  Go sleet!

Though not sleet, unexpected, beautiful snow falls in the Pennsylvania central highlands, late spring 2006:DSCN1216

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