Meshed Tongues

Angie laughs as Riley and Ty mesh tongues… and check out Ty’s gleeful tail.  Full swing!   May, 2008S6300313a

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Ready For Go!

Get to the ocean, open the hatchback and Ty was “ready for go,” to use ‘Uncle’ Dave’s expression.  Never mind that Ty was still tied on and it was a small space to squeeze through, once the salt smells hit his nose he went into intense beach mode.

I will always miss my little boy and Jonesy and the times we had…     September, 2007.DSCN0059

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Tough Hombres – Then and Now


I’ve been apologizing to Mak this weekend for being such a shit-bag.  I’m pretty sick, first full fledged sickness of the past winter, and sicker than I’ve been in at least several years.   So he’s stuck whiling away time, moving from couch to bed and back, as my sinuses and lungs drown in mucus.

Ye gods!  What a weaklings we’ve become.  I slumber with every modern convenience at fingertips in full comfort.  What about men of old?  How ’bout such sickness in the freezing fog and sleet of the North Sea?  Viking longships were open affairs with no shelter.  I’d have been under animal skins, oil cloth or perhaps some sort of woolen tarpaulin perhaps with a healthy dose of hectoring from my companions.

Longships were tiny by our standards and it would have been pitching and rolling incessantly.  Instead of Sudafed, hot coffee and a bit of computer time, it would probably have been something like frozen, congealed walrus kidney, and perhaps a murmured appeal to Thor.

Then again, many people sickened and died in the prime of life.

Ah well, sucks to be them!  :)

“Mak, pass me s’more Sudafed will ya?  Papa’s feeling under the weathah!”800px-The_iron_fleet_by_reneaigner

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As sun burns off morning fog, the boys and I explore an empty barrel washing in the waves.SDC12063crop

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The Roaring Forties

In nautical terms “The Roaring Forties” refers to strong winds of the Southern Hemisphere from 40-50 degrees latitude.  But my forties were my finest hour of training before my body betrayed me.

These were early 2008.  I was 45 years old and at absolute peak if all parameters of strength and conditioning are considered.  These shot were angled poorly though I don’t think anyone would doubt the basement is anywhere but Heroes ‘N Pirates.  I already had 4 bulging discs in my back so heavy rows had to be done with my spine supported to avoid shear stress.  100-120 lbs. Dumbbell rows lying face down on a bench:f85 lbs. Dumbell curls.g105 lbs. Dumbbell curls – about to embark:hMy fifties are so far best described as The Shameful Fifties!  :)

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Wine Tasting This Weekend?

Whenever I see “wine tasting” on someone’s dating profile I have the urge to say “Me too!”  (wink, wink) and attach this video.  The after-hours fighting looks totally staged and tongue in cheek.  I bet they had fun making the video!

Pass me another glass, will ya?  :)

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Rain on the Beach

IMG_3113Originally, I’d slung the coat over my back and tied the sleeves (Tennis anyone?) because I was sweating bullets.  But the temp dropped, clouds lowered and rain began to fall.  With my back to the wind, the cape-like coat was a shield from the rain.  It had stopped in this photo but resumed even harder on our way back.IMG_3146cropI ended up pretty wet but Mak and I had a fantabulous time along the shore!IMG_3189

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Joy Forever

A dead enemy is a joy forever.” – Tyrion Lannister   :)

-from, Game of Thrones, A Storm of Swords, by George R.R. Martin

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Two Skulls Trail

Sixteen years ago I discovered a trail from which poked a couple well-rounded polished stones.  I’d guess they were glacial river sediment.  They looked like the top of skulls.  One in particular was just the right shape, size and color.  I named the path, “Two Skulls Trail.”  I walked it again recently for the first time and kept a sharp eye for the original stone that gave rise to the name.  It wasn’t hard to find and looked just as convincing as when I first saw it.  I placed the knife next to it for perspective.IMG_3589

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Best Way to Spend 17 Seconds:

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